Two Hornby Firefighters Heading to BC Hot Spot

HIFR is proud to be able to send two of our senior firefighters to help with structure protection in the wildfire events in the BC interior. Quana Parker and Sasha LeBaron will be serving as part of a structure protection unit staffed by our friends at Oyster River Fire Rescue and commanded by Chief Bruce Green. They will be leaving on Tuesday and will be staged out of 150 Mile House for their seven-day tour.

This is an exciting opportunity for our two fire fighters to gain valuable wild land fire management experience in a live incident environment. We are looking forward to the stories, skills, and knowledge that they will bring back and share with the rest of the department. With no respite in the weather forecast there is a good chance that two more Hornby firefighters may get the nod for a future tour to the interior.

Join us in wishing Sasha and Quana the best of luck in their deployment. Thank you for answering the call. You are making us proud.

3 thoughts on “Two Hornby Firefighters Heading to BC Hot Spot”

  1. Thanks Quana and Sasha for stepping up to this service. Be safe and do your good service and come home soon!

  2. Tears in my eyes as you two young dads set off. Will be thinking of you and your loved ones and waiting for your safe return to your little families and to our community.

  3. Thank you and much respect for your dedication and commitment to your service. Please return safely. Know that we are all here thinking of you, sending you strength, stamina and vigilance. We will all exhale with relief when you return and greet you with even more respect and appreciation for who you are and what you do. In the meantime, we will do what we can to take care of and support your families while you are gone.

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