We have moved!

It has been 20 years since the HIFR and the community first began talks about renewing the fire hall, five years since we settled on the rebuild plan, and almost two years since the ground was broken for the the new building.  Last week all of the deficiencies were fixed and we started the move across the street.

The trucks and the bunker gear were the first items moved, followed by the kitchen, living space furniture, and first aid supplies. At that point we began responding to the new fire hall for all calls.

The following week we moved the work bench, air cylinder fill station, and laundry facilities. There is still the contents of the storage shed, a few boxes of ancient files, some books, and miscellaneous items to move over. That will all happen over the next few weeks.

Everyone has worked hard to make this move happen but Rob Zielinski and Ian Emberton have put in an incredible amount of time to get all of our systems up and running. Without their dedication we would still be weeks away from where we are now.


Here is the latest official update with help from the communications folks at the CVRD. Click on the image for an easier to read PDF.

High School Search and Rescue Camp on Hornby Island

This is an excellent opportunity for High School aged young adults to get a tonne of great training without having to leave the island. They’ll come out of it with a Search and Rescue Certification from the Justice Institute, a St John’s Ambulance First Aid certificate, and six high school credits.

Registration opens for high school search-and-rescue training academy


Hornby Island Fire Rescue is thrilled to present Halloween fireworks on Tues, October 31 at 8PM sharp. The show will be at Outer Island Farm on the corner of DePape and Porpoise.

The best place to see the show will be at the water tank on DePape road. Please avoid driving on DePape between Porpoise and Jerow as there will be many people and kids in costume milling about. There is lots of parking at the side of the road on Porpoise and Seawright.

Big thanks to Jed and Karen Young and Jim and Pauline Garton for offering the use of their field for the display.

Practice near Co-Op tonight

Just a heads up that we will practicing our fire plan at Elder Housing tonight (Thurs, Oct 19). We will be connecting to the Co-Op water tanks via the standpipe near the Gas Bar entrance and will have hose lines laid across the road. The road won’t be closed but there will be someone to help cars safely cross our hose lines.

We will be there from 7:45PM to about 9:00PM. Please be extra careful around that intersection. It may be dark and rainy and there will be several fire fighters working on or beside the road.

New Tanker/Tender Truck Almost Complete

The brand new HIFR truck #66 is soon on its way. The black back is a 2000 gallon plastic water tank.

Rob Zielinski and I had a virtual tour of the new Hornby Island Fire Rescue tender. It is almost complete and is on track to be delivered in a week or two. We did a video conference with the folks at Fort Garry Fire Trucks at their factory in Winnipeg where they wandered around the truck with an iPhone showing us some of the features.

They will be sending a driver/trainer to drive the rig to Hornby Island and spend a day training us on its components. We’ll start using it in our training sessions before the end of September in the hopes of challenging the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation test in the spring.

Fire Hazard now at Extreme

The danger class went to EXTREME this afternoon.

HIFR is asking people to please refrain from using chainsaws and other small engines that have potential for generating sparks.

Professional fallers and other forestry professionals are exempt from this as they are covered under the forestry act. They are required, however,  to do a thorough assessment of the conditions, establish a fire suppression system, and may be responsible for any damages caused by a fire that they start.